Berry’s Cherries is family owned and operated by the Berry’sBerry is the family name and “Cherries” refers to the cars.  Located in Billings, Montana, the vision was all “Berry.”  Just out of college from Montana State Bobcats and playing semi-professional basketball in Australia, he sold cars – usually one at a time from his front lawn to make extra money.  The basketball income wasn’t as much as he’d hoped, so he turned to his love of cars.  Now 13 years later, Berry’s Cherries  is the largest pre-owned dealership in Billings with over 150 cars, trucks, vans and SUV's to choose from (on most days).  Now basketball is a family past-time with their son and daughter.

Berry's Cherries Auto Sales Billings, Montana

With the credit crunch brought on by the housing and mortgage crisis, loans are harder and Berry's Cherries Auto Showroom - Billings, MTharder to get.  That’s why our  “Guaranteed Credit Approval”  is imperative in today’s market.  We have several financing options available few other dealers have including in-house financing.  We have also expanded our products to provide warranties and GAP insurance, which are essential in today’s economic times. 

Buying a car shouldn’t be stressful, so at Berry’s Cherries in Billings Montana, we try to make it an easy process in a family oriented atmosphere.